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Betting in the Philippines

December 5, 2022 Philippines iGaming & Gambling

Betting in the Philippines

Online sports betting has become a global phenomenon. A change in the industry led to numerous improvements, which in turn accelerated the growth of the sports betting industry. The Philippines has joined the list of nations that have made it possible for bookmarkers to conduct business there. This essay discusses sports wagering in the Philippines. Get ready; this article is for you if you enjoy online sports betting and live in the Philippines. Often, bettors ask “Is sports betting legal in the Philippines?”


Online gambling laws in the Philippines

The Philippines is a haven for business because it is home to numerous online sports betting markets. The Philippines government established the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) to oversee the activities of this online sportsbook brand in the nation. PAGCOR has since been in charge of coordinating and regulating lotteries, gambling, betting, and other related activities.

The Philippine Offshore Gambling Organization (POGO), which grants authorized licenses to foreign online sportsbook brands operating remotely, was established by the Philippine government in an effort to eradicate illegal betting. Customers who bet on sports now have access to more than ten of the best betting sites in the Philippines thanks to the establishment of these two regulatory bodies for gambling and lotteries. Ironically, Cagayan residents are not permitted to wager on sports via the nation’s online sportsbooks.


Is betting legal in the Philippines?

Absolutely! Online sports betting is completely safe and allowed in the Philippines. For online sports betting to be a legitimate industry, the government has taken extreme measures. These measures are now enforced, managed, and regulated in the Philippines for gamblers with the establishment of PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gambling Corporation, and POGO, the Philippine Offshore Gambling Operator. Foreign online sportsbooks with licenses from countries other than the Philippines are also allowed to do business there under the rules set forth by these organizations that regulate sports betting.


Age requirement to start betting in the Philippines

Users must first verify that they are of legal age, which is 18 years of age or older, in order to register with the top betting sites in the Philippines and begin betting on sporting events there.


Sports betting in the Philippines

Numerous bookmakers in the Philippines, who provide a very long list of sports betting markets including basketball, boxing, football, rugby, and a ton of other sports, enable online betting in the country. Unbelievably, basketball dominates the Philippine sports betting market and is the most popular sport there.


Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)

The Philippines’ largest basketball tournament is taking place right now. The PBA has grown in popularity over the years, and Filipino gamblers take advantage of the chance to wager on their favorite teams.


National Basketball Association (NBA)

The NBA is the most well-known basketball competition, and because Filipino gamblers have such a strong and unwavering passion for the sport, they can choose from a wide range of NBA sporting events and markets.


Banking options

When it comes to betting payment option, bettors in the Philippines have a variety of options to select from. The various ways a customer can top up money and withdraw money whenever they see fit.. The various payment options are listed in the table below.

Visa&Mastercard,PAY(Apple),PayMaya,Gcash,Google Pay and Bank transfer


Using multiple betting sites

Open and manage multiple accounts with different online sportsbooks. A bettor can choose the best odds by having multiple accounts with sportsbooks. In this way, bettors can keep track of the market and choose the bookmaker with the best odds.

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