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What Do Halftime and Full-time Mean in Sports Betting?

November 23, 2022 World Sports

What Do Halftime and Full-time Mean in Sports Betting?


HT/FT Explanation
One of the most well-liked betting markets for football is halftime/full-time, which is available for a number of sports. With this market, online bookmakers let bettors place a wager on a game’s outcome at halftime and then another wager on the game’s outcome at the end. The draw is obviously a key factor when examining the half-time/full-time betting market prior to a football game, which results in a total of nine outcomes with different odds.

A bettor may have a firm belief that a team will win a game and anticipate that they will be ahead at halftime. Although they must be ahead at the break and the end of the game, you can get a better price by backing them on the half-time/full-time market.


HT/FT Betting: What Does It Mean?
The half-time/full-time market that was highlighted above is essentially what is meant when a betting market is abbreviated as HT/FT. Take the matchup between Real Madrid and Barcelona as an example. Real Madrid may be the favorite to win the match, but online bookmakers for football have set their odds at 4/11.

Although the HT/FT betting market can provide a higher-priced alternative, a customer may consider these odds to be too short to bet as a single. If you believe that Real Madrid will be ahead after the first half and go on to win the game, you can wager on them at even money.

Alternately, you might be able to get an even better 3/1 if you wager on a draw at halftime and Real Madrid winning at full-time before the match is won. Using Real Madrid vs. Barcelona as an example, here is a quick look at how online bookmakers typically present the half-time/full-time betting market and what the wording means:

  • Real Madrid/Real Madrid 1/1 – In this wager, you are betting on Real Madrid to be ahead at the break and at the end of the game.
  • Real Madrid/Draw 13/1 – Real Madrid to be ahead at the break and a draw to be the final score.
  • Real Madrid/Barcelona 40/1 – Barcelona to win the game and Real Madrid to be ahead at the half.
  • Draw/Real Madrid 3/1 – Real Madrid wins the game despite the scores being tied at the break.
  • Draw/Draw 11/2 – With the scores tied at halftime, the game ends in a draw.
  • Draw/Barcelona13/1- At halftime, the scores are tied, and Barcelona goes on to win the game.
  • Leicester at 18/1- Real Madrid to come back and defeat with Barcelona leading at the break.
  • Leicester/Draw 16/1 – At half-time, Barcelona should be ahead and the game should end in a draw.
  • Leicester/Barcelona14/1 – Barcelona to lead at half-time and win the game.

A half-time/full-time wager is always applicable to the game’s regular period of play. Therefore, if you wager on a cup match that goes into overtime, the extra time of play has no effect on the wager you initially made.

If a halftime/full-time wager is occasionally offered in-play, you can include this market in your in-play football strategies.


Using the Half-Time/Full-Time Spread
The half-time/full-time betting market has nine possible outcomes, which is the first thing to note.

You’ll notice that, while it’s always more expensive than betting on the favorite to simply win, the shortest-priced option is typically the favorite to be ahead at halftime and at the end of the game. Therefore, the ht/ft betting market can be viewed as a way to improve your odds if you anticipate that a favorite will control a game from beginning to end.

If you like to back the draw, Ht/ft betting is also something to take into account. Consider that the odds of a tie between two evenly-matched teams are 8/3. The score is frequently not tied at halftime, and you might find a price of 10/1 for one team to be ahead before the game ends all square, as you had predicted. In situations like this, betting on halftime or full-time is a way to improve your odds.


What does “Win Both Halves” mean?
As an alternative to the half-time/full-time market, you might want to think about betting on the team to win both halves.

For the latter, you can wager on Chelsea HT/FT, for instance, and win if the score is still 2-0 at the end of the first half and the second. However, your wager would be a loser if you had backed Chelsea to win this game in both halves. You need your team to score more goals than your opponents on either side of halftime if you want them to win both halves.


Where to Bet on Half Markets in Football
The top football betting sites give their users the option to wager on a variety of football half markets and to sign up for free bets. To get the best coverage of the football betting market, we advise you to register with a licensed bookmaker.

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