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November 11, 2022 World

Redditors share life lessons they learned from gambling

Because of developments in the industry, individuals from all over the globe may now have access to several land-based and online casino platforms. Whether on purpose or by mistake, many people have dabbled in gambling at some point in their lives. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that there is more to gambling than most of us give it credit for. If people are self-disciplined enough to pay attention, they may learn valuable lessons about life from gambling.

As shared on the discussion website Reddit, here are a few of the things people have learned about life through gambling.

“Don’t let a bad day ruin a good tomorrow.

This was a lesson that took a little bit for me to learn, but when it really sank in, it became great words to live by. There will be days when it’s filled with bad beats. All the research, stats, analysis, etc can’t prepare you for when a team/person shits the bed. Instead of going on tilt and chasing losses, just take a step back and relax. Tomorrow is a new day, don’t make the mistake of digging yourself deeper chasing; it’s just a bigger hole to climb out of.”
– @4orty4orty

“No matter the length of the parlay, it’ll always lose by one leg.”
– Deleted Account

“Never take out a bad beat on the people around you.”
– @Rizzodawg

“Don’t do anything important while drunk.”
– @kad4724

“Treat it like you’re playing a game or some form of entertainment (with no return) and not gambling so when you lose you don’t feel shitty.”
– @cjcrisos

“The power of greed.

Another huge thing that I struggled with but have been getting way better at is the perception/valuation of money in your account. Options trading specifically taught me this. I was working a part-time job during school making pretty shit money $200/week and had stuck big on trade. I then ran it up a bit more, and before I knew it was consistently losing and gaining hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars a day which realistically was 1-4 weeks of work wages fluctuating in a day. I became numb to the money and there were times I didn’t bat an eye if I lost even $500 in a couple of minutes from trading, even though that was literally a 2-week check for me. The electronic account values on a screen can definitely get to you and make you lose the sense of the reality of how much money that actually is to you, especially if it’s “house money”. Thankfully I’ve stopped that and only bet on sports for fun and what I can afford now.”
– @robbynbanks

“The decisions you make are important. The outcomes aren’t. You don’t have control over luck, so stop basing your happiness on it.”
– @patiofurnature

“If something looks too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is.”
– Deleted Account

“Don’t dwell on your losses and don’t over exaggerate your victories.”
– @GamblingMan610

“I’ve learned that I shouldn’t put so much energy and stress into things I can’t control. I can’t control what other people do or if the team I bet on will win. I can control who I associate myself with, who I bet on, and how I let things affect me. It’s brought me a lot more happiness in life and in betting to focus on myself and how I control my reactions to things”
– @Curtis_The_Sloth

You can read the rest of the thread here:

What life lessons have you learned from gambling? from sportsbook

How about you? What life lesson have you learned from gambling?

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