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Asia Casino

January 19, 2022

Rota to Pay Commissioners Only When Active Casino is in Operation

The Rota Legislative Delegation has passed a Senate bill that will provide an annual salary of US$60,000 for members of the Rota Casino Gaming Commission – but only when a casino is in operation on the island.

According to the Saipan Tribune, current payment of the Commission’s six members, totaling US$300,000 annually, is seen as a “huge financial burden” given the absence of any casino operations since casino legislation was passed in 1997.

Commissioners will instead be paid a maximum of US$60 per day for a full-day meeting or US$30 for a half-day or less up to US$6,000 annually. The new bill repeals a law voted on by the people of Rota and re-enacts it to be instigated only when an “active casino” is in operation, the report said.