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January 14, 2022

Wynn Resorts Halts Development Plans Across Encore Boston Harbor in Everett

Wynn Resorts has decided to pause its development plans for Encore Boston Harbor, located in Everett, a Wednesday statement by an official of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGA) explains. The development plans include restaurants, a parking garage, and an entertainment venue.

Reevaluation is Set to Take Place
The MGA chief of community affairs, Joe Delaney, said that he was ready to present further information on the development plan. According to the details, the entertainment venue was planned to have 1,800 seats, along with 2,200 parking spaces in the garage, and the restaurant space was proposed at an area of 20,000 square feet.

However, casino officials informed him that they’ve decided to pump the brakes on the said development due to the fact that they wanted to reevaluate the plans and determine whether the proposed plan is the site’s best use or not.

One of the questions that the Gaming Commission asked on Wednesday was whether this development, which is set to be right across from Encore, will be considered part of the establishment. If it is, it would be subject to the Commission’s oversight and provisions of the gaming law in the state.

Delaney said that issues related to the development itself appeared, which, combined with COVID-19, have forced the company to re-consider future options. Once these minor or major changes have been addressed, Encore will come forth with an answer.

Last month, the Boston Globe reported that Wynn Resorts intends to transform Broadway in Everett, and this development would be the first phase of that effort. According to the Globe, construction was set to start this year, and the goal was to finalize the project in 2024.

Delaney stated that the plans are not withdrawn, but a public hearing will have to be put on hold until a more concrete and detailed plan is on the table. He also added that the plan would first be presented to the MGA, and it will answer the regulator’s question of whether or not it will be part of Encore.