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Asia Casino

January 12, 2022

Macau Junket Operators To Partner With Smaller Casinos?


Macau junket operators will look to smaller casino for business
Hann Casino Resort open to new junket casino partnership
Hann Casino Resort currently relying on online gambling to boost revenues
Junket operators played a very important role in Macau and other Asia-Pacific casinos for a number of years.

They were responsible for bringing in VIP gamblers from Mainland China who generated more than 50 percent of gross gaming revenues in most Asian casinos.

China started cracking down on junket operators last year by changing their criminal laws to impose stringent punishment on companies and individuals who lure Chinese gamblers to overseas casinos.

The recent arrest of Suncity Holdings CEO Alvin Chau, sent a clear message to all junket operators as Suncity Holdings was the biggest junket operator in the region.

The junket business in Macau has now dried up and a number of Asian casinos are struggling to bring in VIP gamblers.

Daesik Hann, the new boss of the Hann Casino Resort in Clark, Philippines believes that junkets in Macau will now want to partner with some of the smaller casinos in other Asian countries.

Hann is open to partnering with junket operators in Macau as he believes his casino and a potential junket operator could benefit from the partnership.

Even if Hann casino does not partner with a junket operator, Hann believes they will do well. This is because Hann Casino Resort, which used to be the Widus Hotel and Casino did not depend on junket operators to boost its revenue.