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January 11, 2022

Two South Koreans Arrested in the Philippines for Illegal Gambling, Other Activity

Two criminals from South Korea wanted on charges of illegal gambling and other crimes thought they could hide out in the Philippines. They thought wrong, and both have now been taken into custody.

The Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration (BI) has tracked down two fugitives on the run in the country. Media outlet Philippines Lifestyle reports that there is no connection between the two, other than their well-timed captures.

The BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) found Kang Mingyu on Friday. The 53-year-old was hiding out in his condominium in Makati City when he was taken into custody.

An ‘Undesirable Alien in the Philippines’
Kang had an arrest warrant pending since 2020 as an “undesirable alien.” That followed a warrant that was issued in Seoul, South Korea. He was reportedly charged with “large-scale fraud” before making his big escape.

We will immediately implement the order and send him back to his country. He has also been placed on our blacklist, which perpetually bans him from re-entering the Philippines,” said BI Commissioner Jaime Morente.

From August 2016 to November 2019, Kang, along with an unspecified number of accomplices, stole around US$600,000 from his victims through alleged fraud. He promised to invest the money in a number of ventures. However, he ran off with the cash, instead.