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Asia Casino

January 10, 2022

Crypto gaming

A new breed of online video games are offering loyal players ways to make crypto tokens or earn rare artworks in the form of NFTs that have real-world value. Here is how you can join in

The phenomenon is called Play-to-Earn and it has seen a significant uptick in both games being released and the amount of money players have started earning. Until now, most careers around gaming were based around e-sports, influencing and developing. With the introduction of Play-to-Earn models, casual gamers can see financial rewards for the hours they spend on a particular game. This rise is partly fuelled by the rise of cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The value varies according to the popularity of the game, but early movers have a significant advantage.

How to get started
Getting started with a crypto game is a little more complicated than just a regular video game. You can’t just buy it and play it. Most crypto games are free to download and some are even free to play. They almost always have an elaborate registration process and, in some cases, you will also need to own a crypto wallet with tokens in them. The good thing is that most of these games have very detailed FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and even step-by-step guides that can tell you how to get started. Some prior knowledge of how to buy cryptocurrencies is an advantage but not necessary for most games.