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Asia Casino

October 14, 2021

Western Countries vs. Asia: Differences in Casino Legislation

When it comes to gambling, there always seems to have been a sense of ‘East vs. West’. In popular opinion, at least. But just as with many stereotypes and reputations, this one is completely wrong. Especially in 2021 – Asia isn’t all about tightening control, nor is the United States a gambling free-for-all.

Things have been changing for quite some time. Land casinos have been dwindling in popularity in both Europe and North America, whereas Asia is seeing stratospheric growth. Online gambling regulations are not uniform throughout western countries, and Asia is no longer all-out banning online gambling operations.

Gambling in the United Kingdom
Just like with Brexit, the UK stands alone when it comes to gambling regulations; it deserves its own section! The UK currently stands as the number one gambling market in all of Europe, and as such is an example to the rest of Europe.