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Asia Casino

September 29, 2021

Esports and Gambling: A Complex Relationship

The emergence of esports as a serious competitive sporting event has been unprecedented in its rapidity. Even now, esports is both massively popular and relatively niche, with the concept of video gaming tournaments remaining unknown to large sectors of the population. What is undeniable is the enormous fan base for esports, which eclipses that for some more traditional events. In 2019, the peak viewership for the League of Legends World Championship was 44 million, compared to just 9 million for the men’s final at Wimbledon that same year. The nature of esports makes it more difficult to regulate than other types of sport, especially when it comes to betting and gambling.

New casinos pursue the esports crowd
For casino and sports betting sites, capturing a slice of the $15 billion esports betting market could be highly lucrative. Unsurprisingly, many new online casinos include esports betting in their services, with some sites dedicated to nothing else. For the betting industry, capitalizing on esports betting is imperative, but it doesn’t come without complications.

There are many reasons that esports are an attractive prospect for casino and sportsbooks. For a start, they bring a younger audience to their services. Data shows that the majority of online gamblers are over the age of 35, while esports fans are on average around a decade younger. For casinos, part of their long-term strategy must be to adapt to what the next generation wants.

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