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September 24, 2021

Online Poker vs Land-Based Poker — which one will reach the top?

No matter where you are in the world when people think of casino games one that always comes to mind at some point must be poker. From pop culture to global tournaments with loads of media attention – and huge cash prizes — poker is one of those casino games that continues to be popular over generations and hasn’t lost its glamour or draw over the years.

But how has poker translated to the online space? Where does the game come from and what’s driving the industry? And how do poker games online rival the game played in casinos? Read on to find out more about this formidable game, its current state, and it’s future.

A brief history of poker
The exact history of poker and how it came to become such a renowned game played by so many is unclear. Some historians suggest that poker may have originated from a card game played in the 16th Century known as As Nas — and taught to French settlers based in New Orleans by Persian sailors. Played like a modern five-card stud, there were some similar hand rankings that connect this game to the modern-day.

In Europe, the game was called ‘poque’ — evolved in French from the German term ‘pochen’ which means to knock. But while the game itself does have some European roots, it was in America where poker really took hold and became the game we know today. Gambling moved quickly from the frontier towns to riverboats; and while carrying a roulette wheel wasn’t practical, a pack of cards was easy. Which fuelled the popularity of the game across the country. The game began to expand to include different variations like draw poker, stud poker, and straight. These days, poker is still played in many parts of America but around the world too.

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